Teach Your Kids at Home with these 7 Kindergarten Learning Apps

Parents should learn how to teach their kids at home. Education is a continuing process that can be done in every setting and even at home. They say the teacher is the “second” parent outside of the home, then the parents are the first teachers any kids will have. These apps will give parents a way to keep their children’s continuously active.

The Magic School Bus: Oceans by Scholastic

Teach your kids science facts in a fun way with Ms. Frizzle and her students in a magical school bus. Look at things down to a molecular level to harsh environments like under the sea or outer space with the school bus. It’s one of the best educational apps for kids that has an advantage by having its own animated series that you can supplement while teaching your kids while using the app.

  • Age – 6-8 years old
  • Price – $3.99
  • Device – iPad only

Download The Magic School Bus: Oceans by Scholastic in iTunes

Stack the States

Help your kids learn about the US geography in a fun interactive way with Stack the States. The goal of the game is to stack the states to reach the finish line. Tapping on the shapes will give information about the states they represent. They can also rearrange the shapes to like a puzzle or match information such as capital to the right state. The game is fast-paced and will keep your kid entertained for hours plus five bonus modes.

  • Age – 9-11 years old
  • Price – $2.99
  • Device – iPhone, iPad, Android

Download Stack the States in iTunes

Download Stack the States in Google Play

Habitat the Game

Your kids will learn about the environment as they take care of a virtual polar bear. The game gives real-world tasks such as turning lights and taps off which will keep the virtual creature healthy. Meeting these goals and keeping the polar bear healthy will teach your kids healthy behavior and environment safety.

  • Age – 4+ years old
  • Price – Free
  • Device – iPhone, iPad, Android

Download the Habitat Game in iTunes

Download the Habitat Game in Google Play

Winky Think Logic Puzzles

With 180 logic puzzles targeted for ages 6-8 years old. The game starts with the simple matching game and the difficulty increases as your children go on. Learn how to teach your kids at home with colorful animation and puzzles and keep them entertained for a long time.

  • Age – 6-8 years old
  • Price – $2.99
  • Device – iPhone, iPad

Download Winky Think Logic Puzzles in iTunes

Dexteria Dots 2

Improve your child’s math skills and fine motor coordination with the Dexteria Dots 2. Each dot has a number value and players perform basic math such as adding and dividing to solve with each puzzle. Bright and colorful with cartoon animation, even adults will be able to enjoy the game.

  • Age – 6 years old
  • Price – $3
  • Device – iPhone, iPad

Download Dexteria Dots 2


Help your kids create fantastic book reports and projects with the Pixie app. Your child can add personal digital artwork they made on their devices. They can make more than just book reports and projects with the app.

  • Age – 6+ years old
  • Price – $10
  • Device – iTunes, Google Play

Download Pixie in iTunes

Download Pixie in Google Play


This app provides your kids with access to popular children’s books. It’s a virtual library right at your fingertips. With each book your child reads, he or she unlocks achievements which give positive reinforcement to help kids keep reading. While the app itself is free and has free books initially, a monthly subscription of $5 is needed to access more books. Considering that you get to keep your child at home, safe and sound reading. You can also choose books for bedtime stories that you can read to your kids

  • Age – 5 years old
  • Price – Free / monthly subscription $5
  • Device – iTunes, Google Play

Enjoy teaching your kids at home with kindergarten learning apps. With the power of the internet right at your fingertips, you can keep your child at home safe and learning even after school hours.