Now that the kiddies are going back to school it will be sleepover season very soon. And if you are like us and your house is sleepover central you’ll need to have plenty of ideas for amusing kids of all ages that might end up spending the night at your house. Our house is the house all the kids want to sleep over it because our house has a separate suite set up for the kids with a big living room, a room with bunk beds, and a separate bathroom. They, of course, have a TV, DVD player and video game console (maybe even a spy app!) in there but we make sure that there are things to amuse them also like:

An Amazon Echo

The Echo really serves two purposes. They can use it to play games, record their own stories and songs, have a dance party with music, sing karaoke, and do lots of other activities. And we can use it to listen in on what’s going on and keep an ear on things. When we tell Alexa it’s time for lights out everything gets turned off and they have to go to sleep. If you’re going to have kids at your house often having an Echo will make everyone a lot happier. My daughter and her friends can make up stories by the hour and the Echo will record them and play those stories back for them the next day. They think it’s great.

Video Games

A lot of parents don’t want their kids to waste all their time to play video games and I get that. But at a sleepover let them have a little fun and play the latest video games on whatever console system the kids think is cool. You can always lock up the games or restrict access to the console during the week but let them have a little fun when they’re having a sleepover. They need time to kick back and have fun just like you do. Video games are more fun to play with a group. Your kids will love it and other kids will love coming to your house for sleepovers.


A Netflix subscription is totally worth the cost if you have kids. When kids have their friends over they won’t need to fight about what movie to watch and you won’t have to worry that they’re watching something inappropriate. They can watch entire seasons of their favorite TV show and be amused for hours.  Leave the TV in the rec room only hooked up to the Internet so it can stream Netflix or Hulu but not get cable TV. That way you can be sure that the kids are not watching anything inappropriate because you can restrict the settings on streaming platforms to make sure they are only watching things you think are ok.