Teach Your Kids at Home with these 7 Kindergarten Learning Apps

Parents should learn how to teach their kids at home. Education is a continuing process that can be done in every setting and even at home. They say the teacher is the “second” parent outside of the home, then the parents are the first teachers any kids will have. These apps will give parents a way to keep their children’s continuously active.

The Magic School Bus: Oceans by Scholastic

Teach your kids science facts in a fun way with Ms. Frizzle and her students in a magical school bus. Look at things down to a molecular level to harsh environments like under the sea or outer space with the school bus. It’s one of the best educational apps for kids that has an advantage by having its own animated series that you can supplement while teaching your kids while using the app.

  • Age – 6-8 years old
  • Price – $3.99
  • Device – iPad only

Download The Magic School Bus: Oceans by Scholastic in iTunes

Stack the States

Help your kids learn about the US geography in a fun interactive way with Stack the States. The goal of the game is to stack the states to reach the finish line. Tapping on the shapes will give information about the states they represent. They can also rearrange the shapes to like a puzzle or match information such as capital to the right state. The game is fast-paced and will keep your kid entertained for hours plus five bonus modes.

  • Age – 9-11 years old
  • Price – $2.99
  • Device – iPhone, iPad, Android

Download Stack the States in iTunes

Download Stack the States in Google Play

Habitat the Game

Your kids will learn about the environment as they take care of a virtual polar bear. The game gives real-world tasks such as turning lights and taps off which will keep the virtual creature healthy. Meeting these goals and keeping the polar bear healthy will teach your kids healthy behavior and environment safety.

  • Age – 4+ years old
  • Price – Free
  • Device – iPhone, iPad, Android

Download the Habitat Game in iTunes

Download the Habitat Game in Google Play

Winky Think Logic Puzzles

With 180 logic puzzles targeted for ages 6-8 years old. The game starts with the simple matching game and the difficulty increases as your children go on. Learn how to teach your kids at home with colorful animation and puzzles and keep them entertained for a long time.

  • Age – 6-8 years old
  • Price – $2.99
  • Device – iPhone, iPad

Download Winky Think Logic Puzzles in iTunes

Dexteria Dots 2

Improve your child’s math skills and fine motor coordination with the Dexteria Dots 2. Each dot has a number value and players perform basic math such as adding and dividing to solve with each puzzle. Bright and colorful with cartoon animation, even adults will be able to enjoy the game.

  • Age – 6 years old
  • Price – $3
  • Device – iPhone, iPad

Download Dexteria Dots 2


Help your kids create fantastic book reports and projects with the Pixie app. Your child can add personal digital artwork they made on their devices. They can make more than just book reports and projects with the app.

  • Age – 6+ years old
  • Price – $10
  • Device – iTunes, Google Play

Download Pixie in iTunes

Download Pixie in Google Play


This app provides your kids with access to popular children’s books. It’s a virtual library right at your fingertips. With each book your child reads, he or she unlocks achievements which give positive reinforcement to help kids keep reading. While the app itself is free and has free books initially, a monthly subscription of $5 is needed to access more books. Considering that you get to keep your child at home, safe and sound reading. You can also choose books for bedtime stories that you can read to your kids

  • Age – 5 years old
  • Price – Free / monthly subscription $5
  • Device – iTunes, Google Play

Enjoy teaching your kids at home with kindergarten learning apps. With the power of the internet right at your fingertips, you can keep your child at home safe and learning even after school hours.

online dating

The New Rules of Online Dating

Online dating has been around for a long time now, and the rules of online dating have changed as technology has changed. If it’s been awhile since you were actively online dating, these are the updated rules of online dating that you need to know:

Don’t Friend A Date Right Away

You might be tempted to add the first person you meet at a dating site. They might try to add you as a friend on social media right away. Don’t do it. If you just started interacting with them you don’t know enough about them yet to give them access to your personal information like where you work or who your friends and family are. Even though you may feel like you have a strong connection right away they are still a stranger to you so don’t take the chance. Adding them to fast an also make it very awkward if you decide not to take the relationship any further and have to unfriend them. Wait until you have been dating for at least a month before adding anyone from a dating site as a friend on social media.

Do Check Out Potential Dates Before Meeting Them

In this day and age almost everyone has some kind of online presence. Always Google your date to see what you can find out about them ahead of time. And don’t feel bad about running a background check on someone before you go out with them. There are thousands of catfish out there pretending to be someone they aren’t and you have every right to make sure that your date is who they say they are before meeting them in person.

Don’t Ghost

If you meet someone off of a dating site and you don’t feel a connection with them tell them that so that they don’t waste time and energy wondering if you’re interested. Have the courtesy to send them an email or a text explaining that you just don’t feel a connection and wish them well finding someone else. Then you can block their email address or phone number if you want to avoid any further contact but you should give them the respect of making it clear that you’re not interested before moving on. It can be uncomfortable to tell someone that you didn’t feel a romantic connection with them but if you do it in a friendly and respectful way it doesn’t have to be an awful experience.

Do Keep Things In Perspective

When you are online dating sometimes you can caught up in expecting someone that you’re chatting with to answer you right away all the time. But if your text goes unanswered for a few hours or you don’t get an email until a day or two later don’t panic. Remember that not everyone is connected to their phones, their email, or their social media all the time.

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Social Media

How To Share Family Photos On Social Media Without Annoying All Your Friends

No one wants to be that person who overshares on social media. The person who posts so many photos of their kids and their family time that people start to get annoyed. There’s definitely a point of over saturation when you share family photos. It can start to look like you’re bragging about your family rather than just sharing fun photos with your friends. New parents are notorious for going overboard with sharing way too many photos of their new baby. I understand how exciting it can be to be a new parent, but remember not everyone feels the same way you do. There are some things that you can do to only share the photos you love with the people who want to see them. This way you won’t irritate everyone else. Here are my suggestions for social media posting:

Put Them In AlbumsSocial Media

One of the best ways to post on social media without annoying all of your online friends is to upload the photos to albums and not to your feed. This is great because the people who want to see the photos can go look through the album and the people who don’t want to be forced to look at 20 or more photos of your new baby sleeping, your new puppy, or your kids standing in a pumpkin patch don’t have to. You can also make certain albums only available to particular friends so that you don’t need to worry about anyone stealing your photos. You can share that album of 100 photos of your child learning to walk with your parents and no one else. Or you can share photos of your child’s first day at school just with your best friend.

Curate Your Photos

You don’t need to upload 40 photos of your child’s eating to get the point across that it was  hilarious to watch your child try to eat solid food. You don’t need to upload 50 photos of your son’s first baseball game to show how much he enjoyed it. Pick one or two of the best photos that show the emotion of the event and upload those. Just those photos. One or two photos per event and maybe a video if there is something significant. Give your friends and family the highlight reel instead of the play by play. That way you can still post photos without losing friends. Your friends and family will appreciate being able to see just the highlights of your trip to Florida and not every single photo that you took on the trip.

Control Your Children’s Social Media Postings

Now, it might not just be you who is over posting on social media causing you to loose friends.  Make sure your children are being safe on social media and that you can see what they are doing online. You never know what kids could be looking at and sharing online these days. Be safe and check out safeguarde.com to make sure your child is sharing photos correctly.

I hope these tips help! Contact me here with any questions!


3 Surefire Ways To Amuse Kids During A Sleepover

Now that the kiddies are going back to school it will be sleepover season very soon. And if you are like us and your house is sleepover central you’ll need to have plenty of ideas for amusing kids of all ages that might end up spending the night at your house. Our house is the house all the kids want to sleep over it because our house has a separate suite set up for the kids with a big living room, a room with bunk beds, and a separate bathroom. They, of course, have a TV, DVD player and video game console (maybe even a spy app!) in there but we make sure that there are things to amuse them also like:

An Amazon Echo

The Echo really serves two purposes. They can use it to play games, record their own stories and songs, have a dance party with music, sing karaoke, and do lots of other activities. And we can use it to listen in on what’s going on and keep an ear on things. When we tell Alexa it’s time for lights out everything gets turned off and they have to go to sleep. If you’re going to have kids at your house often having an Echo will make everyone a lot happier. My daughter and her friends can make up stories by the hour and the Echo will record them and play those stories back for them the next day. They think it’s great.

Video Games

A lot of parents don’t want their kids to waste all their time to play video games and I get that. But at a sleepover let them have a little fun and play the latest video games on whatever console system the kids think is cool. You can always lock up the games or restrict access to the console during the week but let them have a little fun when they’re having a sleepover. They need time to kick back and have fun just like you do. Video games are more fun to play with a group. Your kids will love it and other kids will love coming to your house for sleepovers.


A Netflix subscription is totally worth the cost if you have kids. When kids have their friends over they won’t need to fight about what movie to watch and you won’t have to worry that they’re watching something inappropriate. They can watch entire seasons of their favorite TV show and be amused for hours.  Leave the TV in the rec room only hooked up to the Internet so it can stream Netflix or Hulu but not get cable TV. That way you can be sure that the kids are not watching anything inappropriate because you can restrict the settings on streaming platforms to make sure they are only watching things you think are ok.