Social Media

No one wants to be that person who overshares on social media. The person who posts so many photos of their kids and their family time that people start to get annoyed. There’s definitely a point of over saturation when you share family photos. It can start to look like you’re bragging about your family rather than just sharing fun photos with your friends. New parents are notorious for going overboard with sharing way too many photos of their new baby. I understand how exciting it can be to be a new parent, but remember not everyone feels the same way you do. There are some things that you can do to only share the photos you love with the people who want to see them. This way you won’t irritate everyone else. Here are my suggestions for social media posting:

Put Them In AlbumsSocial Media

One of the best ways to post on social media without annoying all of your online friends is to upload the photos to albums and not to your feed. This is great because the people who want to see the photos can go look through the album and the people who don’t want to be forced to look at 20 or more photos of your new baby sleeping, your new puppy, or your kids standing in a pumpkin patch don’t have to. You can also make certain albums only available to particular friends so that you don’t need to worry about anyone stealing your photos. You can share that album of 100 photos of your child learning to walk with your parents and no one else. Or you can share photos of your child’s first day at school just with your best friend.

Curate Your Photos

You don’t need to upload 40 photos of your child’s eating to get the point across that it was  hilarious to watch your child try to eat solid food. You don’t need to upload 50 photos of your son’s first baseball game to show how much he enjoyed it. Pick one or two of the best photos that show the emotion of the event and upload those. Just those photos. One or two photos per event and maybe a video if there is something significant. Give your friends and family the highlight reel instead of the play by play. That way you can still post photos without losing friends. Your friends and family will appreciate being able to see just the highlights of your trip to Florida and not every single photo that you took on the trip.

Control Your Children’s Social Media Postings

Now, it might not just be you who is over posting on social media causing you to loose friends.  Make sure your children are being safe on social media and that you can see what they are doing online. You never know what kids could be looking at and sharing online these days. Be safe and check out to make sure your child is sharing photos correctly.

I hope these tips help! Contact me here with any questions!