online dating

Online dating has been around for a long time now, and the rules of online dating have changed as technology has changed. If it’s been awhile since you were actively online dating, these are the updated rules of online dating that you need to know:

Don’t Friend A Date Right Away

You might be tempted to add the first person you meet at a dating site. They might try to add you as a friend on social media right away. Don’t do it. If you just started interacting with them you don’t know enough about them yet to give them access to your personal information like where you work or who your friends and family are. Even though you may feel like you have a strong connection right away they are still a stranger to you so don’t take the chance. Adding them to fast an also make it very awkward if you decide not to take the relationship any further and have to unfriend them. Wait until you have been dating for at least a month before adding anyone from a dating site as a friend on social media.

Do Check Out Potential Dates Before Meeting Them

In this day and age almost everyone has some kind of online presence. Always Google your date to see what you can find out about them ahead of time. And don’t feel bad about running a background check on someone before you go out with them. There are thousands of catfish out there pretending to be someone they aren’t and you have every right to make sure that your date is who they say they are before meeting them in person.

Don’t Ghost

If you meet someone off of a dating site and you don’t feel a connection with them tell them that so that they don’t waste time and energy wondering if you’re interested. Have the courtesy to send them an email or a text explaining that you just don’t feel a connection and wish them well finding someone else. Then you can block their email address or phone number if you want to avoid any further contact but you should give them the respect of making it clear that you’re not interested before moving on. It can be uncomfortable to tell someone that you didn’t feel a romantic connection with them but if you do it in a friendly and respectful way it doesn’t have to be an awful experience.

Do Keep Things In Perspective

When you are online dating sometimes you can caught up in expecting someone that you’re chatting with to answer you right away all the time. But if your text goes unanswered for a few hours or you don’t get an email until a day or two later don’t panic. Remember that not everyone is connected to their phones, their email, or their social media all the time.

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